Service Projects

I have done several service projects over the years. In high school I went on several mission trips. Once we went to Florida to help rebuild houses after hurricane damage. Another time, my personal favorite, we went to Chicago and provided free summer care  for intercity children and worked in soup kitchens.

While in Chicago I met a young boy we called “Lil Snoop” because he looked just like a little version of Snoop Dogg.
The kids we met were so special. It was my job to take all of the kids who did not want to participate, were causing trouble, or were just too ADD for whatever the main group was doing and play with them elsewhere. I really enjoyed this because it was always hard for me to pay attention in big groups when I was younger.

Chicago is a lot different from the small town I grew up in. While we were there one of the boys who was a little older, 10 or 11, actually pulled a knife on one of my friends! It was shocking. At first he was told he could not come back but thinking that might be counter productive my youth leader chose to allow him to continue coming to camp if he submitted the contents of his pockets each day.


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