When I was younger the Super bowl was a fun time that I spent with my dad and younger brothers eating a ton of food and watching the game. Although I’ve never been that into professional football I always had a good time. I enjoyed the commercials because they are always so funny. The half time show is usually hit or miss in my opinion.

In high school I rarely watched the super bowl. I remember seeing Janet’s top slip off and tuned in for the half time show Prince played but thats about it.

I haven’t watched at all since being in college. It always seems I have something better to do on Super bowl Sunday, although, last year one of my communications teachers made it an actual assignment to watch for the commercials. I still didn’t watch I just you-tubed the videos.

I don’t really plan on watching this year, but then again I don’t plan on not watching it either. I tend to just go with the flow on these kinds of things because while I’m not particularly interested I know it’s a very important day to some people.


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