The (Mud) Olympics

I could not care less about the Olympics. I did not really watch the summer ones, except for Micheal Phelps because lets face it, the man is like a dolphin. I did not watch any of the winter Olympics even though I do find hockey to be interesting. The most Olympic coverage I got was from The Colbert Report.

But since we can talk about any kind of Olympics I want to tell you about the time I went to a “Mud Olympics.” It was AWESOME. There was a huge field of dirt and they brought out a fire truck to add the water. It was the most mud I’ve seen in one place in my whole life.

We played all kinds of relay games and team games but by the end it was just an all out war, every man for himself. I was having the time of my life, throwing, dogdeing, running, slipping and just playing in the mud. However, all good things must come to an end and in the most epic shot of the day my best friend at the time hurled a huge glob of mud right at my face. I turned my head to avoid most of the muck, but this was probably worse in the long run. That big clod of mud collided with my left ear. There was so much in there my dad had to help me clean it out and we still could not get it all. For days I wondered if my hearing would ever be the same.


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