Spring Break!

My spring break basically consisted of three parts. Prior to St. Patrick’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and the aftermath.

The Friday we got out of classes my roommate’s and I decided to throw a party to celebrate. However, things didn’t turn out that great because some belligerent guy threw a bottle into the parking lot and the cops came. Ominous, right? So, the next day I decided to get myself out of Statesboro. I went home and just tried to relax.

Tuesday I drove back to the Boro in anticipation of the following day. My friends and I were going to meet some other friends the next day on River Street. We had the best time drinking green beer and dancing with people dressed like leprechauns. I even met a guy dressed like Greenman! (He’s from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”)

For the remainder of my break one of my best friends came to visit me for a couple days because his Spring Break was just beginning. We went to a show and just had fun catching up. When he finally left I had about two days to spend working on a huge paper that was due for another class.

Besides the cops and the paper my break was awesome!


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