Reality Television

I hate reality television. I do not like Survivor, Rock of Love, The Real World or any of them really. My mom and my best friend Kristy, however, love them. They watch all the ones on MTV especially. For years they have sat around and talked about the shows while waiting for me to get ready and I was always clueless because I think they are the epitome of a waste of time.

That is, until I was introduced to the wonderful world of The Jersey Shore. I did not even want to watch it but my roommate and I were just chillin one night and decided to see why all these orange, drunk people were fighting. Then we realized they were Guidos. Then, much to my horror and amazement I discovered Guidettes. These people are just about the trashiest thing I have ever seen and I love it. They do not care what anyone thinks. They dress crazy (and often quite scandalous) and get belligerent.

I grew to love this show so much I watched every episode and even the reunion. My favorite character was JWoWW because she is hardcore. She is kind of a skeeze but it’s okay because she sticks up for her friends. The only person I truly couldn’t stand on that show they got rid of. I can’t even remember her name but she was just a waste of space.

Next week is my 21st birthday and for my party we are actually having a Jersey Shore theme! I’m so excited because everyone is dressing up. We are also going to have a “fist pumping” contest and a pinata of someone (maybe Dora the Explorer?) who kind of looks like Snookie. We are going to blind fold people and let them punch her in the face (because that happened when they went to a bar one night).


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