On February 21 my best friend passed away. I met him about seven years ago. I thought I would write a couple of my favorite memories of him because I still miss him everyday and maybe talking about it will help.

The first time he came to visit me at Georgia Southern we went out to Sweetheart Circle one night. After we had been walking around for awhile we were just talking beneath a tree when he got this terrified look on his face. “What?” I asked. He just pointed up. Any normal person would have looked up, seen the people up there and just walked away. However, I was so startled I grabbed one of the people’s legs and started screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE?” And then we ran away. I’m sure I scared them just as much as they scared me.

Another time, about two years ago, I took him to see the Drive By Truckers in Athens for his 21st birthday. I remember before midnight they gave him the same stamp on his hand as me but at midnight they let him go back and change it. He kept the beer tab from his first legal drink on a necklace that he never took off.

My freshman year of college was pretty hard on us because we were very close and I moved five hours away. On Thanksgiving that year I gave him a Valentine. I don’t really know why besides I was just convinced no one had ever received one on Thanksgiving before.

It’s really hard dealing with him not being here.  I talked to him nearly everyday. He was a great friend who will always be missed.


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