Super Bowl Sunday!

The Super Bowl’s impact on America is much easier to see than it’s impact on my life.  I’ve found myself doing some crazy things on Super Bowl Sunday but for the last few years it’s had nothing to do with the game.  It is true though, this is the one game a year that it seems like everyone is watching.

Commercial wise, Super Bowl Sunday is great.  It is the one time a year I don’t mind the advertisements.  Organizations and companies are all trying their best with attention getting, often humorous commercials.  A truly unique ad can carry on jokes for years.  Even though we all got sick of it, you still come across that guy who hasn’t had the “Wazzzzzup?” smacked out of him, yet.  Ads are insanely expensive but when you think of the pay off.  Last year the Super Bowl attracted a record setting 106.5 million U.S. viewers, according to  Even if people are tuning out (they aren’t) those ads are reaching a wider audience at once than is possible almost any other way.

I will be watching for the first time in 5 years this Sunday.  Maybe something awesome will happen during the game, maybe there will be an incident during the halftime show.  But if all else fails there are sure to be some commercials that have everyone talking.


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