Pet Peeves

My biggest pet peeve is a secret. It is something so out there that when people find out they don’t believe me.  Since they don’t believe me what do they do? Test it out.  And then I rage.

It isn’t something people do naturally or often.  Most times it’s by accident.  I will say this, you have to be in a vehicle for it to occur.

It’s a sound.  I can’t say how you make it but it’s awful.  For me, it’s nails on a chalkboard. When I hear it I start to get tunnel vision. Nothing else can distract from the noise and I simply cannot function until it is stopped.

Other things that get on my nerves include:

People who only listen to top 40 radio. I mean really, that stuff is made with a formula.  Use your brain and your resources to find some quality music that is actually worthwhile. I’m not saying that some stuff on the radio isn’t catchy and fun but if that’s all you’re listening to get your head checked.

Girls who can’t handle their liquor giving all of us a bad name.  Keep your clothes on and your crying to a minimum, please.

Bicyclist’s, have some etiquette. It’s not so much the students on campus as the jerks who think they own the road. Excuse me but there is a SIDEWALK right by you! USE IT! You are not a car, you cannot go as fast as me, and next time you try I will run you over.

Anti-drug commercials are a failure. Seriously? Wow, my dog will look at me sadly if I smoke a joint? Doubtful. Calm down and cut the scare tactics.

People who can’t or won’t control their kids. If your kid is misbehaving, by all means, spank that bottom. Do not talk down to them or yell at them (in public). It’s disrespectful to those around you and shows total  lack of control.


One Response to “Pet Peeves”

  1. jackson.mcgahee Says:

    Yup. I can second, third and fourth a lot of these. Top 40 radio, please, churn everything out to an electronic beat, add some glitter and boom, hit. Broaden your horizons and discover the wide world outside of what plays in the background of the latest MTV show.

    Anti-drug commercials, true true. Especially the meth commercials; what a creepy ad campaign.

    And the lady dragging 2 kids through Wal-Mart kicking and screaming; take them outside and do what my parents did; whoop that behind, it builds character, and shuts them up

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