iPad—The newest thing you don’t need

iPad’s are cool looking.  My infatuation with them ends there. Overall I think they are pretty useless.

They are not as functional as a laptop and I would never think of replacing mine for one. Although I have not looked at one for an extended period of time what little I have observed about the operating system leaves a lot to be desired.

I have a touch screen phone (not an iPhone) and the keyboard on it is alright because I have the ability to use it the same way as I would have an old phone. I think trying to type that way on an iPad, however, would drive me over the edge.

I feel, if anything the iPad is a digression in Apple technology.  It isn’t even as functional as an iPhone.

It would take a lot of improvement in order to get me to purchase one, much less replace my laptop with one.  It is pretty impressive that they are able to market their completely useless products to make you feel like everyone has one and if you don’t you’re missing out on something, but I’m not buying it.


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