Teenage Pregnancy

First of all I would like to say that the problem with teen pregnancy is not television shows.  This was a growing concern long before these shows came to be, how big of a problem does it have to be to get it’s own show? I’d say pretty big.  I have had one close friend and one not so close family member both become pregnant while in their teens.  This wasn’t because they thought it would be glamorous or beneficial in some way. It was because both the school system and their parents failed them.

Teenagers are going to have sex. Maybe not all of them but a lot of them will. The sooner America faces this fact and gets over it, the better. Teens should be given the proper resources and knowledge about safe sex and birth control in order to take care of their bodies and prevent unwanted pregnancy. I feel as though sex is an issue that is often put in the “someone else with deal with this” file and no one ever does. I am so lucky to have parents that were totally open and honest with me from a very early age.

With that being said the shows such as “Teen Mom” and “Sixteen and Pregnant” aren’t helping. Sure, some young women (like myself) watch the show and think, “I would never put myself in a situation like that.” But other young women who are less educated and simply that, young, don’t always think though the consequences and expenses of having a child so young.

I believe these shows would be more effective if the girls weren’t paid. If maybe it didn’t show the same ones over and over and build up their fame. If they did it with more girls and spent less time on each and showed the harsh truths in a sort of documentary style it would be more accurate to reality. I’m not saying all sides of pregnancy/teen parenthood are bad, but I am saying having a baby is a lot easier when you wait until you are prepared both financially and mentally, older, and wiser.


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