Twitter for a Week

This is my second time “tweeting” for a week.  I did it once before in Mrs. Groover’s Intro to PR class. I said I’d never tweet again, but look at me, continuing as though I’d never stopped.  It’s really not something I find useful or enjoyable.  Mostly I think people  use it to complain too much or to relay minuscule details about their life that no one really cares about.

I can see how it might be beneficial for members of a company to all use it to pass small bits of important information along.  That is why I find the tags particularly useful.  You can sort through all of the rubbish to see what you’re actually interested in knowing about.

Another thing I don’t really care for is the new layout.  It switched me over when I first signed on again but I found it confusing and irritating.  I managed to switch back to the old way but there was always a message at the top of my screen telling me to try the new twitter and that the old one won’t be around much longer.

I seriously doubt I will continue to use twitter.  Certainly not on a daily basis.  First of all I don’t have information valuable enough to flood my peers with.  Secondly, I have a facebook that accomplishes more and that feels like the perfect amount of social networking for me.  Finally, I don’t believe it is beneficial to me at all, I find no entertainment or intrinsic value in the website.

That being said, I can see why companies value it.  It is a great way to receive instant feedback on advertisements, provide updates to customers who are interested, be notified of areas that could be improved and many other useful functions.

I am glad for the experience so if I ever need to know how to use it I will be prepared but it’s not something I want to get involved with just yet.


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