My Bucket List

I have had many experiences for someone my age.  I am blessed with a mother who sees value in travel and experiencing new culture. I’ve had many unique chances to do things that I don’t take for granted, however, there is still a lot of life I want to explore.

1. I want to skydive. I will be accomplishing this at some point this year. My uncle and I are going, it was my mothers Christmas present to me.  Most likely we will do it this summer. I am extremely nervous but also very excited.

2. I would love to backpack across Europe.  I think after graduating college would be the perfect time. If I had the money to do it I definitely would.

3. If I could have my television channel I would die happily. So much of what’s on television makes me cringe that I would love a chance to show only things I like.

When I die I just want people to remember me as a good friend.  I want them to remember me when they hear a song I loved.  I want them to toast to the good times and let the rest fall away.


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