Social Media News Releases

A social media news release (SMNR) is very similar to a press release.  It is an excellent way to get updated and relevant information about an organization or event to a wide audience of interested people.  SMNR’s are helpful because by utilizing technology they may be linked to and tagged on other posts, websites and forms of social media.  They provide a larger potential audience and help ensure people who are actually interested in the organization (or whatever the release is on) are the ones who are reading it.  A potential drawback for SMNR’s is that if it is too long or poorly written it is likely to be ignored.  Also, since a SMNR is written and designed for use online it should incorporate tags, multimedia and links in order to provide more information.

Someone in public relations might be interested in using a SMNR when testing the market for a new product or to publicize an event.  In both cases it would be very helpful to be able to obtain instant feedback.  Another case might be if the company or organization has rumors going around because of a defunct product or scandalous CEO.  They could utilize SMNR’s to get the word out efficiently and effectively and try to maintain the integrity of the company.

Both, and are both websites that will help create an SMNR by using an easy to follow template for the release.  They include all aspects of an SMNR with guides along the way to help decide what information should go where.  Here is an example of a website that hosts many SMNR’s.  Jim Beam showcases many SMNR’s on  this site for different aspects of their organization.  This is a wonderful idea so that readers can go through and decide which ones are relevant to them and not have to sift through one long press release.

Here is my SMNR.  I created this to promote an event for Students for a Sensible Drug Policy.  The main goals are to gain awareness of the cause and boost attendance.  The target audience includes Georgia Southern University students, faculty and members of the Statesboro community.

Following are some helpful hints for  creating a SMNR:

  • Make it short and sweet, by sweet I mean well written
  • Utilize multimedia to make it more attractive
  • Link it up! Using links to other sites will allow readers to gain more information
  • Tags,tags,tags! Tagging important words within the SMNR will make it easy for interested readers to find
  • Careful distribution will allow the release to be found in search engines
  • Be aware of the audience, target those who are relevant. More is not better in this case.

I used many articles to assist in writing this blog. This article consists of two parts describing how to write a SMNR.  This article showcases what to avoid when writing a SMNR.  This one provides a lot of helpful information for people who are new to this type of release.


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